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Woven & Natural

Nature's Beauty of Natural Shades

Naturally organic and beautifully handwoven, Graber Natural Shades are an elegant way to incorporate the colors and patterns of nature into your décor. Crafted from sustainable materials such as jute, bamboo, wood, and grasses, they are both smart and green for unique, casual luxury and style.

Unique Characteristics of Natural Shades Asymmetry

Materials used in natural shades are naturally grown and harvested . Variations in shape, thickness, texture, and grain are to be expected from Mother Nature . While adding personality, these variations create asymmetry in the weave that may alter the appearance of the finished shades . Specifically, you may notice:

  • Uneven Spacing or Gaps—Differences in bamboo or reed shapes and thicknesses can create uneven spacing or gaps in the weave

  • Pattern Changes or Gaps—The varying thickness of grassy materials, tied knots, and splices can create visual disruptions in the weave pattern or gaps in the weave

  • Length Differences—Variations in thickness, bamboo joints, or reed sizes can create length differences from both sides of the shades

  • Bowing or Arching—Different drying rates of bamboo fibers can create a bowing or arching effect on the finished shades

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